Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about 99Stack Cloud, the simplified version


Support is available 24x7 every day of the year, with a maximum response time of 48 hours, we usually respond in minutes. We assist you with your account, our services, the API, technical aspects of your server instances and anything related to our service.

All server instances are un-managed. However, we will assist with basic troubleshooting, check and resolve issues with non responding server instances, maintain host nodes and networking to ensure close to 100% up-time and support you with anythnig related to our websites or api.

99Stack Cloud is committed to transparent and secure handling of all personal data within our network. Our processes have gone through an extensive procedural and legal review, to ensure that we fully meet the requirements set by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.

Your personal data is primarly secured by the fact that we do not collect more than the absolutly minimal amount of data needed to provide our service.

Data we collect is summed up in our privacy policy.

Data we store is located within EEA only.

Data we transfer is always encrypted during transit.

Data we share None, not even with our providers.

Data we sell None, not to anyone.

Personal information is only collected during sign-up, we collect the following information: Email, Name, Country. Additionally we log connecting IP addresses and user agent, to maintain rate limits and to protect our servers.

99Stack Cloud is primarly located in Sweden and operates under the legal jurisdictions of Sweden. Nodes serving our websites, api and services are distributed all over the world. All data is encrypted during transit and storage at every level.

Personal data are only stored within EEA for GDPR compliance.

No visitors all facilities are only accessible to authorized staff.

Contact abuse department at: abuse (a) to quickly reach out to the entire network. Include as much information as possible, describe the violation and include proof.

Do not send spam or false reports to this adress, doing so will result in a permanent ban.


GNU+Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD is configured to use the SSH protocol, over port 22 by default. The user name is 'root' and password can be found in the server instance list. SSH Key authentication can be configured by adding your public keys in the ssh key manager.

SSH command example
ssh [-i ssh_private_key_file] root@server_address
Windows is configured to use Remote Desktop over port 3389 by default. Use name is 'Administrator'.

Yes, all G3 plans (with a region code of 3xx) fully supports direct emailing over port 25, 465 and 587.

Third party email forwarding services are accessible in all regions and supported by all plans.

Yes, this is done either via api or the control panel at: Supported formats include KVM qemu, VirtualBox, VmWare, Microsoft VHD(X), iso and more.

We offer a advanced API to manage every aspect of your account and it's cloud resources, see the API documentation to learn more.

GNU+Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Alpine, CentOS, RedHat, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and more.

Windows server: multiple editions from the last decade to the most recent.

Yes, all plans and operating system images comes with full root/administrator access.

Yes, all regions are IPv6 ready and at least one IPv6 address can be assigned to every server instance (/64 block), without additional cost.

Yes, All regions supports fully isolated private networks.

Yes, All regions support VPC, additional configuration is required.

Block storage volumes is available in all regions and dynamically scalable between 10GB and 15TB. Attach them to your server instance and treat them like a regular locally attached disk for additional storage.

Object storage (S3 compatible) is available in limited regions. Files are stored on storage optimized managed instances powered by open source S3 compatible software.

Shared standard instances runs in a range of 1.8 GHz to 2.4 GHz.

Compute instances of all sizes, runs in a range of 3.6 GHz and above.

Dedicated instances of all sizes, runs in a range of 3.6 GHz and above.

Disclaimer: These numbers applies as of late 2022, current CPU frequency assigned to any plan can be higher than listed above depending on hardware.

Server generations is a division between providers based on legal jurisdictions, and offers no technical difference. Generally speaking, the different generations can be considered as availibility zones.


Current balance and usage can be seen at the main page in our control panel, directly after login.

All plans has a monthly bandwidth quota, starting at 1 TB of outbound traffic. When this quota is exceeded you will be billed for additional usage at $0.01 per GB of data. Inbound and local traffic is always free.

Accounts are initially limited to 20 server instances. We'd be happy to increase your deployment limit at any time. Contact support, and let us know in which region you'd wish to deploy and what server type you prefer, to have this limit raised.

Account information can be edited in the control panel.

Accounts can be recovered by using the lost password form.


All active subscriptions on your account are billed on a hourly basis, from a pre-paid balance. Payments are instantly deducted from your balance once a resource is created. Billing stops immediately once a resource is removed.

Yes, servers in a stopped state continue to reserve dedicated system resources (RAM, storage, IP addresses, CPU), and will therefore continue to incur charges until you remove the server.

All subscriptions can bew reviewed on the subscription page.

Cryptocurrency payments need to be confirmed before appearing in your balance. Depending on the blockchain used, the time required to confirm your transaction can range from a few minutes to up to a few hours in rare cases. Please check the transaction status on the relevant block explorer and allow a few hours before refreshing the page. If your transaction hasn't been added after 3 hours, you may reach out to our support for additional assistance.

For every server type we offer, you have the ability to pay up front to save money. The discount is calculated on the hourly price and applies to the entire lifetime of the server. The longer you reserve a server for, the more discount you get.

After the prepaid amount has run out, you continue to pay the discounted price, no matter how long you decide to keep the server afterwards.

If you decide to cancel a pre paid subscription before its expiration date, the server will switch back to it's original price.

As a privacy-focused service provider, we prioritize safeguarding customer data. Offering a free trial poses risks as it necessitates collecting customer information, compromising privacy. Without knowledge about customers, ensuring data protection becomes challenging, making free trials incompatible with our privacy commitments.

We accept all major credit/debit cards and multiple Cryptocurrencies via Coinpayments, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and more.

Once your account no longer has enough funds to cover the cost of your running resources and active subscriptions the system will automatically start to purge everythnig.

After a purge nothnig can be recovered, this is to protect your data from being restored by whoever is assigned to the same physical hardware that used to host your resources.

Pro tip: Enable automatic backups and check your emails regularly to avoid data loss due to insufficient funds. Automatic backups are pre-paid and keep your disks up to one week after a server purge. We will email payment reminders three times, at 2 weeks, 3 days and 24 hours before your balance runs out.

For accounts required to pay value added tax (VAT), such as personal accounts within EEA. The tax amount will be deducted in advance, this means that your final balance is your net balance.

Refunds: If you withdraw or receive a refund, your reserved unused value added tax (VAT) will be returned too.

Yes, VAT is deducted from your payment if you live within EEA.