Object storage

S3 compatible object storage with flexible pricing, data redundancy, and scale ability.

Object storage

Object Storage gives you the flexibility to add scalable storage on demand, and manage it through the S3 API. Pay only for the data you store or transfer out of your buckets.

Est. price per hour: $0.0068

$5/ mo

  • 250 GB of storage
  • 500 GB of transfer
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Distributed design

Redundant architecture protects your data, and delivers high I/O performance. All object storage devices are powered by NVMe SSD drives.

S3 Compatible

Fully compatibe with Amazon S3, and S3 compatible management tools. Unlimited buckets and domains, and your own isolated instance.

Manage via API

Object storage scales on demand, provides high data reliability, and reduces management complexity. pay only for what you use.