Storage volumes

Increase your servers storage capacity with scale able and flexible NVMe powered block storage volumes.

Block storage

Fast NVMe scalable block storage, with data protection and volume sizes up to 16 TB. Create and scale up or down with ease, pay as you go. Stored data is distributed for better performance and redundancy.

Est. price per hour: $0.0027

$2/ mo

  • 10 GB of storage
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Distributed design

Redundant architecture protects your data, and delivers high I/O performance. All block storage devices are powered by NVMe SSD drives.

Flexible and scaleable

Expand or shrink your block storage volumes at any time, for optimal price to performance ratio. Wthout need to modify your instance local disk.

Manage via API

Create and remove easily at any time, pay only for the time in use. Mount like any other disk device with full support for hot-swap.