Country Rate
Belgium21% 25%
Bulgaria20% 25%
Czech Republic21% 25%
Denmark25% 25%
Germany19% 25%
Estonia20% 25%
Greece23% 25%
Spain21% 25%
France20% 25%
Croatia25% 25%
Country Rate
Ireland23% 25%
Italy22% 25%
Cyprus19% 25%
Latvia21% 25%
Lithuania21% 25%
Luxembourg17% 25%
Hungary27% 25%
Malta18% 25%
Netherlands21% 25%
Austria20% 25%
Country Rate
Poland23% 25%
Portugal23% 25%
Romania20% 25%
Slovenia22% 25%
Slovakia20% 25%
Finland24% 25%
Sweden25% 25%
United Kingdom20% 25%
Isle of Man20% 25%
As 99Stack™ is located in Sweden, the current VAT rate in sweden (25%) applies to all customers in Europe according to Swedish laws. VAT will be deducted from your payments before your net payment is credited to your account balance. VAT is only reserved and will be charged during the regular billing cycle. VAT on reamining funds will be returned if you decide to withdraw remaining balance. There are no refunds on VAT already paid to the tax agency. You are fully responsible to provide correct information about which country you are a member of to obtain the correct VAT rate, failing to do so is a violation of Swedish law.