Affiliate program

Tell others about our service and earn 5% commission on every payment made by your referrals.

About the program

With 99Stack affiliate program, your received profit will be 5% of the amount paid by your referral. The profit is instantly credited to your account balance and can be used either for your own cloud resources or withdrawn to your Paypal account.

Advertising material

The following official advertising material can be used together with your link to make it look more professional if you use it on a blog or website. See terms of usage below for more information about how the banners can be used.

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Terms for affiliate program

By using 99Stack affiliate program, you agree to these terms of usage

  • No self referrals, referring yourself will revoke any commission you have earned, including future commission
  • Use only banner material found on this page and avoid re-hosting banners. This material may change over time as our prices and plans changes.
  • Do not share the link or banner(s) in places where affiliate links or advertising is not allowed. Banners and links may also only be published on sites compatible with our acceptable use policy

Contact us

If you have any questions about the program, do not hesitate to contact us:


Some examples of how much you can earn based on X referrals and an average monthly usage of Y.

Referrals Avg. usage Profit
1 $100 / mo $5 / mo
10 $50 / mo $25 / mo
50 $120 / mo $300 / mo
300 $50 / mo $750 / mo
30 $800 / mo $1200 / mo
150 $450 / mo $3375 / mo