Affiliate program

Spread the word and earn a commission on every deposit made by your referrals.

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Spread the word, by link or by placing banners on your site or blog. We don't pay a fixed amount by click or by sign-up, instead you receive a commission for every future deposit made by your referrals. Your profit will grow linear with the amount of referrals who sign-up using your link, and linear to how much they spend on cloud resources.


The following official advertising material can be used together with your link. See terms of usage below for more information about how the banners can be used.


The example code below can be used to quickly setup banners on your own website, do not forget to change the UUID field to your own accounts uuid to receive profit. Banners are available on our object storage in multiple regions, you may want to change eu to na or as to make the banners load faster for visitors in North America, or Asia respectively.

Vertical responsive banner

<a href="">
    <img class="img-fluid" src="" alt="banner"></a>

Horizontal responsive banner

<a href="">
    <img class="img-fluid" src="" alt="banner"></a>

CSS3 Styles

Banners can scale automatically to fit within the parent element, in a Bootstrap 4 page this is done automatically using the builtin img-fluid class, if that's not available, the same result can be achieved with the tiny CSS class below.

.img-fluid {
        max-width: 100%;
        height: auto;

Terms of usage

By using the material above, you agree to the following terms of usage.

  • No self referrals, referring yourself will revoke any commission you have earned, including future commission
  • Do not use out of date banners (won't affect direct links to our CDN).
  • Do not share the link or banner(s) on sites where affiliate links or advertising is not allowed.
  • Do not share the link or banner(s) on sites that does not comply with our acceptable use policy
Contact info

Questions about the program. Do not hesitate to contact the sales department for general questions, or the support department for technical information.

Sales department Support department

Some examples of what you can earn from a certain amount of referrals and their monthly budgets.

Referrals Avg. usage Profit
1 $100 / mo $5 / mo
10 $50 / mo $25 / mo
50 $120 / mo $300 / mo