Why choose us

What makes 99Stack Cloud a better alternative, we got the answer

Crypto accepted

Direct payments without the need of a third party. Avoid censorship, high fees and downtime, by using crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, (stable coins) and many more.

Privacy by default

A cloud that does not harvest, track or sell any of your personal information. All input is optional, and you can be anonymous. You are the customer, not the product.

100% Up-time

Live migration to healthy nodes in case of failure, to get as close to 100% up-time as possible. Multi regional and independent zones for stability and load balancing.

Elegant API

Automate your work with 99Stack Cloud API, a secure, fast and distributed back end to manage everything related to our service. Regional end points provide low latency everywhere in the world.

Free speech

With multiple independent back end providers working with us, we can easily redirect traffic to whoever is willing to host your content, no matter how "controversial" it may be.

Object storage

Deploy managed object storage instances, optimized for storage of unstructured files and data. Fully S3 compatible, powered by Min.io open source object storage engine.

Block storage

Add additional 3x replicated block storage volumes to any instance in any region, for additional storage, I/O performance and data redundancy. All block storage are powered by NVMe SSD drives.

Private network

Use virtual private clouds to isolate your internal network traffic within a specific region. This is particularly useful if you have unencrypted local traffic you don't want anyone else to see.


Our services are KVM based, tweaked for performance, well documented and kept simple to ensure security and privacy. Chose between shared or reserved hardware resources.

Auto backups

Enable automatic backups, to keep your server instances safe and to avoid data loss, in case something goes wrong. Backups can also be used to recover deleted servers.

Enhanced Security

Updates are carefully tested and never rushed, to ensure the best possible security and maximum system stability. We put security over convenience.

24/7/365 Support

We offer multiple support options, including email, support tickets, knowledge base, documentation and a community forum.

DDoS protection

Mitigation of most DDoS attacks to ensure your services won't go down. Additional protection against attacks up to 100Gbit/s is available in limited regions.

Scale quickly

We got you covered, whenever you need more compute resources it's only a few clicks, or one API call away.

Cloud init

Automate installation with init scripts, using your favorite script language. Skip manual work and save money.

170+ system ISO's

Ready to be used instantly without installation in advance. Choose your favorite Linux distribution or Windows.

Pay as you go

Resources on your account are billed on a hourly basis, create and remove resources at any time and pay only for what you use. Up-front payments with great discounts is available too.

Affiliate program

We offer a generous affiliate program. Share your unique link and earn 5% commitment, on every payment made by your referral. Valid forever.

70+ data centers

With a variety of plan sizes, software images and advanced features. You'll never run out of options for your distributed cluster setup.


Distribute your workload over multiple independent data centers for better redundancy and perfect horizontal scaling.