Service Level Agreement

99Stack Cloud is a reliable service. You will receive a credit for instances experiencing an outage

Uptime guarantee

99Stack Cloud provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee through this Service Level Agreement, which is based on our provider's node availability. Together, these guarantees are referred to as the 'SLA.' This SLA is offered as an addition to the terms of service you agreed to upon becoming one of our customers, which is hereby included as an essential part of this SLA.

This uptime guarantee applies on a 'per service item' basis and does not extend to your entire account. For instance, if you have 50 servers with us and one of them experiences downtime, any credit owed to you under this uptime guarantee would be proportionate to the downtime of that specific server, not your entire account. This uptime guarantee excludes the accessibility of our website, DNS servers, API, or control panel.


The uptime guarantee solely pertains to network and instance availability under normal operation. It does not extend to server-side software uptime. Any outage resulting from server software, operating systems, incorrect configurations, denial of service attacks against your instance, instance suspension, instance pause/halt for any reason, or any other non-network or non-"host node" outage, regardless of whether such outage is caused by our providers due to upgrades, troubleshooting, or other tasks, is not covered by this uptime guarantee. Additionally, the guarantee does not apply during scheduled maintenance.

None of the guarantees outlined in this SLA can be merged. For instance, if there is a hardware outage at our providers that also disrupts network activity, you will not qualify for two separate refunds. In the scenario where a hardware outage causes the loss of connectivity, the entire event will be considered as one single outage for determining whether a refund will be issued or not.

Outage refund

Following the procedure outlined below, you are required to initiate a support ticket and request a refund to be credited to your account. Simply opening a support ticket related to an outage will not automatically result in any credit being applied. It is the act of initiating a support ticket and explicitly requesting a credit that triggers a review for any potential refund. However, 99Stack Cloud will still assess whether an eligible outage has indeed occurred. If we confirm that an eligible outage has taken place, the ticket you created will be utilized to process a refund based on any downtime, as specified in the table below.

Outage time frame Credit amount
Less than 9 minutes 12 Hours
10 to 59 minutes 24 Hours
60 to 119 minutes 48 Hours
120 to 239 minutes 120 Hours
240 to 419 minutes 240 Hours
More than 420 minutes 730 Hours (1 Month)
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