General purpose instances featuring full passthrough or an affordable fraction of a NVIDIA A16 GPUs.


Elevate remote work with the NVIDIA A16. When paired with NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC) or NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) software, it empowers virtual desktops and workstations with the prowess and capability to address any project from any location. Customized for high-density, graphics-intensive virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and leveraging the potency of the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the A16 delivers double the user density compared to the previous generation, all while upholding the utmost user experience.

G1 gpu NVIDIA A16

Name NVMe Storage Memory vCPUs Transfer Price Regions
G1-gpu-a16-4m-2c-1g 50 GiB4 GB2 vCPUs1 TB $26 /mo 4
G1-gpu-a16-8m-2c-2g 50 GiB8 GB2 vCPUs1 TB $50 /mo 2
G1-gpu-a16-16m-2c-4g 80 GiB16 GB2 vCPUs2 TB $100 /mo 3
G1-gpu-a16-32m-3c-8g 170 GiB32 GB3 vCPUs3 TB $200 /mo 1
G1-gpu-a16-64m-6c-16g 350 GiB64 GB6 vCPUs6 TB $400 /mo 1
G1-gpu-a16-128m-12c-32g 700 GiB128 GB12 vCPUs10 TB $800 /mo 1
G1-gpu-a16-256m-24c-64g 1200 GiB256 GB24 vCPUs12 TB $1 475 /mo 1
G1-gpu-a16-496m-48c-128g 1500 GiB496 GB48 vCPUs15 TB $2 950 /mo Sold out
G1-gpu-a16-960m-96c-256g 1700 GiB960 GB96 vCPUs25 TB $5 900 /mo Sold out

Every NVIDIA A16 unit boasts 64 GB of GDDR6 ECC memory, and a physical server can accommodate up to four GPUs. The g value in the plan name signifies the quantity of available GDDR6 memory, measured in GB, for each respective plan.