Low latency CPU Optimized NVMe VPS

CPU-Optimized instances provide a beneficial memory-to-CPU ratio of 2:1, resulting in a well-balanced performance.

CPU Optimized NVMe VPS

CPU-Optimized instances offer an advantageous 2:1 memory-to-CPU ratio, featuring dedicated vCPUs operating at rapid speeds (2.6GHz+). This configuration is exceptionally well-suited for applications necessitating swift and unwavering performance, encompassing domains like media streaming, gaming, and data analytics. Moreover, the Premium iteration of CPU-Optimized instances enhances the experience by delivering up to 10Gbps outbound network speeds and the swiftness of NVMe SSDs.

G1 cpu optimized (AMD)

Name NVMe Storage Memory vCPUs Transfer Price Regions
G1-cpu-amd-2m-1c 25 GiB2 GB1 vCPUs4 TB $35 /mo 31
G1-cpu-amd-4m-2c 50 GiB4 GB2 vCPUs5 TB $50 /mo 31
G1-cpu-amd-8m-4c 75 GiB8 GB4 vCPUs6 TB $100 /mo 31
G1-cpu-amd-16m-8c 150 GiB16 GB8 vCPUs7 TB $200 /mo 31
G1-cpu-amd-32m-16c 300 GiB32 GB16 vCPUs8 TB $400 /mo 30
G1-cpu-amd-64m-32c 500 GiB64 GB32 vCPUs9 TB $800 /mo 29