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General questions

The Sales department is the point of contact for inquiries requiring answers prior to signing up, or for general questions about 99Stack Cloud and associated products and services.

Support tickets

Support department is available to assist you when you require assistance with your account or related products and services, that demand discretion, privacy, or higher privileges to resolve.

Abuse system

The Abuse department aids you in matters pertaining to legal, terms, or acceptable use concerns. It's also the avenue for reporting any suspicious activity originating from our service.

Community forum

A online community designed for developers to acquire knowledge and exchange best practices in cloud computing, programming, security, and privacy.

Knowledge Base

Discover further information about 99Stack Cloud and its associated products and services. This section also provides documentation for apps and tutorials.

Developer tools

Our developer tools page contains all the necessary information and documentation to initiate usage of the 99Stack Cloud API and retrieve information.