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General questions

Sales department, is where you turn, if you have questions that needs to be answered before you sign up. Or general questions about 99Stack Cloud and related products and services.

Support tickets

Support department is here for you, when you need help with your account or related products services. Turn here with issues that requires discretion, privacy or requires higher privileges to solve.

Abuse system

Abuse department helps you with legal, terms or acceptable use issues. It's also where you can report suspicious activity orginating from our service. Please use the link below to submit a ticket.

Community forum

The modern online community for developers to learn and share​ ​their ​knowledge and best practices in cloud computing, programming, security and privacy.

Knowledge Base

Leran more about 99Stack Cloud and related products and services. Here you'll also find documentation for installation of apps, administration and tutorials.

Developer tools

Our developer tools page has all the information and documentation you need to start using 99Stack Cloud API and to fetch information.