About us

99Stack Cloud, affordable and simplified cloud hosting. All you need to know about 99Stack Cloud

Our vision

In a world of centralization, data harvest and noisy neighbour's, we decided to create an alternative. A cloud that doesn't promise 100% up-time by simply relying on a few nodes in the same data center, a cloud with a transparent pricing model, where you pay with actual money instead of becoming the product yourself, and a cloud that offers plans where you actually get 100% of what you pay for in terms of storage, memory and cpu rounds.

Enhanced Security

We take security very seriously, from the smallest detail to the wholeness. By offering true privacy and not storing any information we don't need, there's nothing to leak. Updates are carefully tested and never rushed. Last but not least, each part of our platform is designed to operate individually. We don't rely on single points of failures or secrets for protection.


99Stack Cloud is a semi decentralized platform, utilizing resources from over 50 independent data centers around the globe. We combine the best out of multiple solutions by combining the efficiency of centralization with the high availability of decentralization. This makes us a more flexible cloud.

The company

99Stack Cloud, previously known as 99Stack hosting was founded in February 2016. At the time located in Karlstad, Sweden. Our primary product back then was reasonably priced game servers, billed on a hourly basis.

We realized that our shared platform had limited ability to isolate users to their own set of hardware resources. A solution to this problem was containers and virtual machines, which where eventually built into our platform. Initially used only to deploy one single app per machine or container.

But why stop there? Virtual machines and containers can be used for so much more. During Q4 year 2016, the first set of virtual machines and dedicated servers featuring full root access, where finally made available. Our main focus became the virtual server instances, optimized for various workloads and more generic dedicated servers in a few regions.

The operation has since then been growing rapidly, using the same philosophy. More regions has been included available, more plans optimized for different tasks and more operating system images. We'd like to keep things simple.

At the end of 2018 an early preview of 99Stack API where released, separating the control panel from the back end management. This update made a huge difference on performance as well as security and the overall reliability of our platform.

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We got you covered

With 50+ worldwide low latency locations to choose between. Enjoy a generous selection of configuration options. Spin up servers with your favorite Linux distribution, FreeBSD, OpenBSD or Windows. Our servers are 100% KVM based and optimized for privacy and performance. Forget everything you know about trackers, spam and noisy neighbours.