About us

99Stack Cloud, affordable and simplified cloud hosting. All you need to know about 99Stack Cloud


We take security seriously, from the smallest detail to the wholeness. By offering true privacy and not storing any information we don't need, there's nothing to leak. Updates are carefully tested and never rushed. Last, but not least, each part of our platform is designed to operate individually. We don't rely on single points of failures or secrets for protection.


99Stack Cloud is the privacy friendly cloud. We do not collect more than the absolute minimum required personal information, to establish a contract. Your data is safely stored, always encrypted when transmitted between nodes, and always encrypted on disk (AES-256). Your information is never sold or revealed to any third parties.


In a world of centralization and vendor lock ins, we thought it was time for an alternative. 99Stack Cloud is brought to you from 70+ independent data centers, and built on open standards to avoid vendor lock ins. Achieve true redundancy by easily deploying in fully independent data centers. We encourage automatic deployments through installation scripts, to help your applications to scale horizontally.

Free speech

We encourage an open discussion and strongly oppose censorship, including removal of content simply because of "offensive" opinions being expressed. Anything allowed in a specific data center, is allowed by us. For controversial content or border line cases, please contact support to get help finding a suitable region.



99Stack Cloud originates from the deep forest of Värmland, Sweden. Founded in early 2016, originally known as 99Stack hosting, the company set of with the first micro data center and office in Karlstad, Sweden. Specialized in KVM virtual machines powered by GNU+Linux for easy app deployment. Following years to present day, the service has been expanded with new features and new data centers all over the world.

Future vision

We aim to expand our operation into more nations and continents, improve our service for stability and convenience without putting privacy and security asside, and lower our prices for end users by minimizing our own profit margins.