About us

99Stack Cloud, affordable and simplified cloud hosting. All you need to know about 99Stack Cloud


99Stack Cloud has its roots in the heart of Värmland, Sweden. Established in early 2016 as 99Stack Hosting, the company embarked with its first micro data center and office located in Karlstad, Sweden. Focusing on KVM virtual machines fueled by GNU+Linux for simplified application deployment. Over the subsequent years up to the present, the service has undergone expansion, incorporating fresh features and establishing new data centers across the globe.

Data center


In a landscape dominated by centralization and vendor lock-ins, we recognized the need for an alternative. Introducing 99Stack Cloud, which operates across over 70+ independent data centers and is constructed upon open standards to eliminate the risk of vendor lock-ins. Attain genuine redundancy by effortlessly deploying across completely autonomous data centers. We promote automated deployments using installation scripts to facilitate the horizontal scaling of your applications.


We prioritize security comprehensively, addressing even the smallest details as well as the entirety of the system. Our commitment to genuine privacy means we only retain necessary information, ensuring there is no potential for leaks. Updates undergo thorough testing and are never rushed. Lastly, each component of our platform is designed for independent operation, eliminating dependence on single points of failure or security through obscurity.


99Stack Cloud stands as the cloud service that respects your privacy. We gather only the utmost essential personal information necessary to establish a contract. Your data is securely stored, undergoing constant encryption during transmission between nodes, as well as being consistently encrypted on disk. Rest assured, your information is never sold or disclosed to any third parties.


While the location remains crucial when evaluating potential new datacenter sites, we also delve into factors such as energy sources, energy availability, labor conditions, and hardware origin. As an entity devoid of debt, government grants, and investors, we maintain complete independence, affording us the liberty of choice. We prioritize clean energy sources, environmentally responsible hardware production and disposal, and favorable labor conditions.


Free speech

We promote open discussions and firmly stand against censorship, which includes the deletion of content solely based on the expression of 'offensive' opinions. Anything permissible within a particular data center is also permissible within our platform. For content that may be contentious or falls within borderline cases, please reach out to our support team for assistance in identifying a suitable region.

Open source

You are in control. Open source software offers numerous advantages, including transparency in its codebase, which fosters collaboration and community-driven development. This openness encourages innovation, adaptability, and the ability to customize solutions to specific needs, while also promoting enhanced security through peer review and rapid bug fixes.

Future vision

Our objective is to extend our operations into additional nations and continents, enhance our services to ensure stability and convenience without compromising on privacy and security, and reduce end-user prices by minimizing our own profit margins.