99Stack Cloud API

Empower your workflow with the automation capabilities of the 99Stack Cloud API.

Automate your work

The 99Stack Cloud API provides a straightforward and programmatic means to oversee instances and resources within the 99Stack Cloud platform. Its endpoints are designed to be intuitive, decentralized, and robust, enabling you to effortlessly make HTTP requests to fetch information or perform actions as needed. This level of accessibility and power empowers you to interact with the 99Stack Cloud platform in a flexible and efficient manner.


Any tool proficient in HTTP communication can interact with the 99Stack Cloud API by simply making requests to the appropriate URLs. It is essential to ensure that requests are made using the HTTPS protocol to guarantee the encryption of traffic. The API interface is designed to respond to various HTTP methods based on the specific action that is needed. This versatility allows for seamless integration and interaction with the 99Stack API.


Link Information
API Documentation See API documentation to learn more
Github repository View and contribute to API documentation


The API is available for free to all users.

The API has been thoughtfully designed with reasonable rate limits in place. This measure is implemented to maintain fairness and accessibility for all users, without unduly impeding legitimate access to the platform's resources and functionalities.

All interactions with the 99Stack Cloud API are conducted using TLS 1.2 or higher, operating exclusively over the secure HTTPS protocol. This robust encryption ensures that all requests and data transmissions are safeguarded, guaranteeing end-to-end protection for both requests and reads.

Every feature accessible in the 99Stack Cloud control panel is equally accessible through the 99Stack Cloud API. Additionally, any newly introduced features are promptly integrated into the API, often preceding their availability in any graphical user interface.

To guarantee compliance with GDPR regulations, all data is exclusively stored within the European Union. Moreover, any data transmitted between servers and databases is encrypted, ensuring a secure journey from origin to destination.

Either sign up or log in via API calls to get a new token. In the graphical control panel click on 'Manage API Tokens' to view or create tokens. Each of these methods will furnish you with a valid token. For further details, consult the API documentation.