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Balanced flexible VPS instances and dedicated servers with low price and hourly billing.


G1 instance

Instances with higher cpu frequency, higher bandwidth, low latency and DDoS protection as optional add on feature. Designed for distributed applications.

CPU Freq: VPS: 3.0+ GHz / VDS: 4.0+ GHz
Memory range: 1 GB - 960 GB
Price range: $8 - $7 700 / mo
Other: DDoS protection / Dedicated / GPU

G2 instance

Balanced instances with high supply in limited regions, perfect for larger deployments in horizontally scaled applications when you need that extra power.

CPU Freq: 1.8 GHz / 3.6 GHz burst
Memory range: 0.5 GB - 256 GB
Price range: $5 - $2 880 / mo
Other: High Memory / Compute / Storage / VPC

G3 instance

Premium instances optimized for specific tasks and designed for memory intensive applications, parallel computing and bulk emails.

CPU Freq: 2.4+ GHz / 4.0+ GHz burst
Memory range: 1 GB - 512 GB
Price range: $8 - $5 120 / mo
Other: SMTP / GPU / High Memory

G4 instance

High performance instances designed for cpu intensive applications. Powered by the latest generation of AMD Threadripper processors. Secure network.

CPU Freq: 2.9+ GHz / 3.8+ GHz burst
Memory range: 1 GB - 128 GB
Price range: $8 - $1 024 / mo
Other: High performance / Secure network

Block storage

Flexible storage volumes allows you to attach additional storage to your server instances.

Block Storage

Block storage

Data storage volumes for your servers, powered by NVMe devices. Replicated for reliability, can be mounted to any instance in the same data center.

I/O Freq: Up to 1 200 MB/s
Storage range: 10 GB - 16 000 GB
Price range: $2 - $3 200 / mo
Other: NVMe SSD / Replication

Object storage

S3 compatible object storage with flexible pricing, data redundancy, and scale ability.

Object storage

Object Storage gives you the flexibility to add scalable storage on demand, and manage it through the S3 API. Pay only for the data you store or transfer.

Transfer range: 500 GB - 2 000 GB
Storage range: 250 GB - 1 000 GB
Price range: $5 - $20 / mo
Other: S3 compatible / Replication
Block Storage