General purpose instances featuring full passthrough or an affordable fraction of a NVIDIA A40 GPUs.


The NVIDIA A40 GPU represents a remarkable advancement in performance and multi-workload capacities within the data center realm. By seamlessly integrating top-tier professional graphics with robust computing and AI acceleration, it rises to confront contemporary design, creative, and scientific challenges head-on. Pioneering the evolution of virtual workstations and server-based tasks, the NVIDIA A40 introduces cutting-edge capabilities for ray-traced rendering, simulation, virtual production, and more, empowering professionals with state-of-the-art features accessible at any time and location.

G1 gpu NVIDIA A40

Name NVMe Storage Memory vCPUs Transfer Price Regions
G1-gpu-a40-5m-1c-2g 90 GiB5 GB1 vCPUs3 TB $60 /mo Sold out
G1-gpu-a40-10m-2c-4g 180 GiB10 GB2 vCPUs4 TB $120 /mo 1
G1-gpu-a40-20m-4c-8g 360 GiB20 GB4 vCPUs5 TB $240 /mo 2
G1-gpu-a40-30m-6c-12g 550 GiB30 GB6 vCPUs6 TB $360 /mo Sold out
G1-gpu-a40-40m-8c-16g 740 GiB40 GB8 vCPUs8 TB $480 /mo Sold out
G1-gpu-a40-60m-12c-24g 1110 GiB60 GB12 vCPUs10 TB $700 /mo 2
G1-gpu-a40-120m-24c-48g 1400 GiB120 GB24 vCPUs15 TB $1 400 /mo 1
G1-gpu-a40-480m-96c-192g 1400 GiB480 GB96 vCPUs60 TB $5 600 /mo Sold out

Every NVIDIA A40 unit boasts 48 GB of GDDR6 ECC memory, and a physical server can accommodate up to four GPUs. The g value in the plan name signifies the quantity of available GDDR6 memory, measured in GB, for each respective plan.