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Automate your work

Get started with 99Stack API by reading the documentation. Latest version is available on Github and includes the latest changes. Legacy version covers the basics and contains more examples.

Release info

99Stack API was originally released in Q1 2019 as a beta version with reservation for future changes. On this page you'll find documentation for all available versions of the API. Including important updates and changes. All documentation found here are synced with our public Github repository at: github.com/99stack/api-docs. Contribute and report issues there.


The version is always presented as the first argument in the three part URL: version -> object -> function. Current latest version is /v1, this number will increase when any major change is made, such as changes in input, output, method, response codes or functionality. Please check this page regularly for a summary of the latest updates.

The first stable release is planned for Q1-Q2 2020 and will ensure that there are well established standards for input, output, response codes and methods to avoid confusion and unexpected errors. See below for current progress.


  • Update all input and output to JSON
  • Update all methods and validate methods
  • Implement rate limits for security
  • Correct http response codes
  • Changing all timestamps to ISO-8601 UTC+00:00 format, also including timestamp in all requests with a meta object
  • Respond with an error object on input errors informing you about exactly what's wrong and how to fix it
  • Change the generic response format to a "response" object containing "text", "code" and "type". A response can then contain both a response message with status code and "errors"


November 2019

Old endpoints will continue to work, with the Deprecated: true header set.

  • /v1/billing/list_transactions renamed to: /v1/transaction/list
  • /v1/billing/list_charges renamed to: /v1/invoice/list
  • /v1/billing/sum_charges renamed to: /v1/invoice/sum

Mars 2019

Started updating response codes, i.e 200 -> 201 and 202 and 422 (incorrect) -> 412 and 400. Please update your projects to check for ranges 200 - 299, 300 - 399 ... until all response codes are properly assigned to avoid unexpected errors in case of changes.

January 2019

Old endpoints will continue to work, with the Deprecated: true header set.

  • /v1/locations/list renamed to: /v1/region/list
  • /v1/templates/list renamed to: /v1/image/list
  • /v1/sizes/list renamed to: /v1/plan/list
  • /v1/location/list_features renamed to: /v1/feature/list

Latest version

Documentation for the most recent version of 99Stack API. This document is open source and hosted on Github.

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Legacy docs

Legacy API documentation uses JSON format, has many examples and covers most of the API. However, the information is not up to date.

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API Endpoints

Privacy friendly and secure. API function calls goes directly to our servers without using middlemen.

  • https://api.99stack.com/v1

Using Cloudflare CDN with strict encryption, this option is less secure but can operate faster during busy hours (coming soon)

  • https://cf-api.99stack.com/v1