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Sydney Skyline

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Sydney, Australia is an ideal data center location for a cloud server due to its reliable infrastructure, access to diverse internet networks, and reliable power sources. The city has multiple Tier 1 internet service providers, enabling access to global networks, as well as a large range of local ISPs for local and intra-regional connections. The city is also home to two of Australia's largest internet exchanges, making it a hub for local and international data traffic. Additionally, Sydney has a reliable power grid, with multiple sources of electricity, including two major hydroelectric power plants, making it an ideal location for server hosting. The city also has a favorable climate for hosting, with temperatures rarely falling below freezing, reducing the risk of hardware failure due to cold weather. Finally, Sydney's central location in Australia makes it an ideal base for serving customers across the country.

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Data center compliance & certification

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Private Network (VPC)
DDoS protection (100gbit/s)
Block storage volumes (NVMe)
S3 compatible object storage
Additional IP addresses
IPv6 support (/64 block)
Automatic backups
Server instances (VPS/VDS)
Custom ISO supported
Containerized databases
SMTP allowed (port 25 open)

Test connectivity

IP addresses listed below can be used to test data center latency in order to find the fastest location before purchase. All addresses are connected to a regular standard-1 instance and responds to ping.

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