Managed email


Managed email is provided by third-party service providers and used to send emails from servers when port 25 is blocked. These services can be used both to send and receive emails over port 587. Maximum send/receive capacity, reliability, and uptime are usually better than it is on individual servers. You also get spam filtration and clean IP's that aren't blacklisted for best possible deliverability.

Why do I need managed email?

Port 25 is globally blocked on all plans in all locations. In order to send emails, you, therefore, need a service that accepts SMTP traffic over port 587.

What are the advantages?

Easy to setup, SSL/TLS encrypted emails by default, Lower price (pay per email, quantity discount), spam filtration, clean sender IP's and no censoring.

What are the disadvantages?

Requires a few more lines of configuration and you need an account at the service provider.

Recommended services

The following third party services offer managed emails

For more alternatives, see: alternativeto.net.