DDoS protection

DDoS protection

Internal DDoS protection against attacks up to 100 GBit/s available in some data centers for an additional fee.
Root access

Full root access

Full root/admin access is included, access your instances from anywhere over SSH or the KVM VNC terminal.
Analythics overview

Analytic tools

Our dashboard provides a rich set of useful tools to monitor your instances health, usage and their billing history.
Bug fixing


Your security is our number one priority. We keep our services up to date and resolve issues as soon as possible.

Support center

Our support is always open and ready to help and assist you if you need help with any of our products or services.
Technical support

Managed hosting

Technical support can help you resolve dependencies, setup applications and resolve problems and issues.
High performance

High performance

We got you covered with great scale ability and generous deployment limits allowing you to grow fast when needed.
IPv4 address

Personal IPv4 address

All instances comes with a free IPv4 address, IPv6 and local networks is available too for an additional cost.
Backup snapshots

Backup & restore

Configureable backup snapshots keeps two copies of your instance in case you need to restore an earlier state.